Video Sessions

Let’s meet from the comfort of your own couch! There are a few things you need to know about video sessions. Continue reading to learn how this service might be a great fit for you.

Benefits of Online Therapy

Convenient and easy to schedule

Video therapy is just as effective as being in person therapy! (Learn more)

Save on gas and driving time

Great for those who live in remote locations, have busy schedules, chronic illness, or limited mobility

You can be anywhere in California, Florida or North Carolina and still have your therapy appointment

Things to Consider

You need to be physically in California, Florida or North Carolina to see me, this includes traveling out of state temporarily.

Online therapy is not ideal if you have had a suicide attempt in the six months; instead, in person sessions are recommended.

Your sessions may or may not be reimbursable. Ask your insurance if they accept Superbills for “telehealth” from an Out Of Network Provider. (Click here to learn more about Superbills)

Confidentiality: while I maintain and uphold confidentiality on my end of our video sessions, I cannot guarantee your confidentiality on your end of the video session if you are in a public space or doing a session in a location where others are present.

Time Zone consideration: I am on Eastern Standard Time, which is three hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time.

You will need high quality WiFi or great signal strength, and a computer/phone with a video camera.

*Video sessions cannot be held while you’re driving a car, in the back of a taxi or any moving vehicle.*

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